The Averments of the Rational Satanist

I adapt and can easily accept change.

I am the personification of Satan, as Satan is self.


I am adversarial to that which stifles my progression.


I understand that the pursuit of greatness is lifelong.


I understand there are no gods other than the self.


I aim to excel the self through my personal Paradigm that is solely my unique system.


My Moral codes are individual dependent and created solely by me.


My life is mine to live how I see fit regardless of the opinions of others.


I understand that to give criticism I must be able to accept criticism as it only serves to improve my outlook.


I treat others in the manner I am treated by them.


I understand that all demons are man-made but have archetype value of self.


I understand that there is no wrong way in Satanism as it will always be my way.


I'm a unique individual.


I'm a Rational Satanist.


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