The Jesters Card 

Funny thing humour. It has so many uses, opens doors, breaks ice, disarms and can hide a thousand hurts . For the Rational Satanist the Tarot of the Fool is a powerful archetype to use. The Fool or Jester historically had a number of benefits bestowed upon him and tended to have the ear of the King whilst hiding his wisdom behind the jest. Also utilising the approach of the discordant can have similar results when applied to, for example a confrontation. These are both aspects of Lesser Mentalism that the Rational Satanist uses to apply his will, to manipulate and enamour his target. Often the “upper hand " can be gained by appearing less of a threat and humour can help with this. The application of Lesser Mentalism and the skills needed rely on reading the target in as much depth as you can, assessing their motivators, weaknesses and the emotional state they're in. Correctly applied humour can in many cases be exactly the approach needed to take control of the target without appearing to do so. A sense of humour is exactly the key needed to open the door to the targets psyche, and when you're in, you're in control. But also there is this preconceived idea in some aspects of Satanism that we're all emo types woeful and angry shouting into the darkness and carving pentagrams into our skin. Truth is, given that Rational Satanism is about living life to the full and applying your own pragmatic ideals, shouldn't it be fun? If you're given Carte Blanche to indulge in the things you enjoy, aren't your interactions also meant to be enjoyable, light-hearted and filled with mischief and flirtatious tomfoolery?! That is the Rational Satanist I choose to be.


John Wait - Core Management Team

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