Satanists And Rational

Another very commonly asked question about the rational Satanic system is how can we use the title Satanists and rational to classify rational Satanism as a workable system of belief and magic. Look at the words Satan stands for.


The adversary: a person who is hostile towards someone or an enemy of. We are the adversaries of every stifling belief system out there as well as the enemies of inculcated lies from whatever direction they are being told from.


The accuser: we are here to make a charge of wrongdoing against humanity. For years we have been suppressed, living in fear of the unknown due to religious propaganda. It’s about time logic and rational thoughts took a tight grip on human minds, and a promotion of individuality instead of herd conformity became the prime directive. We don’t go around shouting accusations of error towards these people, as that would render us no better than them. Through subtle suggestions we can create doubt, which will spawn a chain reaction of rational thought into the minds of the accused.


The prosecutor and tempter of humans: Satan’s name as the tempter of humans is again propaganda used to make human activities a sin. We Satanists indulge in every so-called sin there is. All lead to personal gratification. If Satan stands for the temptation aspect of human behaviours, then we embrace all he has to tempt us with.


Astray: In Islam, Shaitan is an adjective meaning astray. We Satanists are on our own paths of individual gratification. To the righteous we are straying into wrong ways and evil doings. So in fact we have gone astray from all things that will not lead us to earthly happiness.


Now if we take the definitions of rational, we are quite able to exercise the ability of reason, and are completely sound of mind. And we can be very consistent in looking at aspects of reality based on logical reasoning in order to benefit ourselves.


Every word Satan stands for represents what we are. But do we really need to portray Satan as bad and evil? If we stand for him do we have to act in a manner that is expected? Of course we don’t; as said previously, Satan lives in each and every rational Satanist as the personification of reason and logic. Many will be confused that we see Satan as something that represents logic. Why shouldn’t he be characterised as such? That’s simply the way history has made him out to be. Throughout these times he has been used as a prevention of rational thought and logic as means to control minds into not seeing the bigger picture. We are simply using this personification to determine who we are by utilizing rational thoughts to undo the damage that has been caused through brainwashed fears of a being that represents humanity more than any omnipotent godly figure ever could.


Our drive is not to get bad but to get smart; to utilise our own-found knowledge to a personal advantage rather than hold onto irrational thoughts of indoctrinated lies. We will render all the religious and spiritual idiocy in the world as intellectual waste products from broken minds. So you see, this personification not only dwells inside each and every rational Satanist; he also has a throne inside our minds, ensuring our thoughts will always be of a logical nature and protected from ideologies sent fourth from the rotten. And as previously stated and not to be forgotten, we are Satan, so take both words Rational and Satanist, and they fit together perfectly.

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