Welcome to the Church of Rational Satanism,

EST 2009

"Satan reigns to reason, and the power of the inner"


Rational Satanism is one of the most adaptable and progressive philosophical systems out there that all can connect to.


Rational Satanism holds on to logic and rationality, being able to see past delusional doctrines and religious propaganda and harness the “self” to our personal advantage. We do not deny humanity’s need for gods, but we keep it rational and internalize one instead of worshiping an external being.


The doctrine of Rational Satanism can be divided into many unique concepts belonging to this organisation. The cornerstone concept of the philosophy is what we term, 90% 10% Thinking, the 90% is the natural pragmatism that reigns and represents the Rational Satanists way of life, and the 10% which is set aside for Ritualistic means and actions that hold no practical applicability in the 90% of your everyday life. Only during intellectual decompression will actions in the 10% serve any purpose during the acting of your personal or group psychodramas. This is a defining point for the Rational Satanist, without fantasy there would be no reality, but we use both to our personal advantage, by simply leaving the fantasy in the 10% locked in the ritual chamber. This allows for the study of a more metaphysical nature, if that’s something that gives you personal gratification, but the Rational Satanist understands it is complete fantasy and does not fall into the trap of making it reality and living a lie. Writings from the occult and religious genre will always fall into the “what if” category, we can’t prove what is written, and we can’t dismiss it either, but what we can exercise is our common sense. The 90% 10% is simply the base fraction of the concept, depending whether your personal outlook verges on objectivity or subjectivity, the fraction simply changes through a paradigm shift to a fraction that suits your system. You can find an explanation of this concept in the second of our books, followed by a greater explanation of its adaptability in the third book in the collection.


This concept is now combined with more concepts unique to this organisation called Satanic Mnemonics, S-Theory and S.A.T.A.N. These three concepts have been injected into the core of our philosophy to provide the individual with a limitless form of self-exploration, by providing a pragmatic way to draw information from various sources to create your system towards an individual model dependent reality and make Satan an even more personal part of the self. These concepts can be found in the third, fourth and fifth books in the Rational Satanism collection.


Within the confines of this house of the worthy, there will be no hierarchy, as improvement of the self has no boundaries. What we do offer is an internal hierarchical system that belongs only to the individual and provides a personal ladder that you climb at a rate you are comfy with as you build your system; this is called the 8 Satanic cognitive realms.


Critical thinking is the key to success, and the knowledge you can attain from members who have much experience within Satanic and occult communities will give you a valuable tool. You will also have the option to become an affiliated member and get more involved in the organization, take part in our philosopher’s accreditation course or even start your own chapter. Individuality is the key within Satanism, so joining the Church of Rational Satanism is not conformity; it’s simply being part of a representation of what you believe, and as you learn how our concepts work you will see that conformity is impossible, you dont conform to the system, the system conforms to you.


We are Rational Satanists; we know what it means to be truly enlightened in par with our true worldly views that can be backed up with reason, science, logic and cold hard facts.



Lee Banks. Founder

"Evolution of the mind leads to evolution of knowledge, and that is the path of success"

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