11 Neoteric Guidelines

            The following is a revised list of the eleven guidelines of the Earth for the Satanist. The term “rule” no longer serves a part in the Satanic paradigm as to follow a rule is conforming, and that’s not Satanic at all. This modern list are guidelines for the Rational Satanist to use in this modern age as the original eleven were starting to become stale and taken as a must do by many Satanists. The first rule of the old eleven was created way before the internet, now days opinions must be shared for great minds to be heard. The internet is a means to share information and gain knowledge, if opinions weren’t gathered in various places then great ideas would not be available for all to evaluate.


You may see some similarities to these guidelines to the original eleven rules, but as mentalities and times change, the reasoning behind the application had to change too. I will say again these are NOT rules; they are no more than guiding tenant’s to aid our decision making process, ways to view situations and ultimately stop us falling foul to any of life’s troubles. These were designed to guide the evolving Satanic mentality so embrace them and use them to your advantage

1 With the internet readily available, logically give your opinions, if you don’t then great minds won’t be heard


2 Pick your associations wisely; If someone wants to hear your troubles be wary of their intentions.


3 Attacking those who annoy you with words can do more damage than a physical beating; Emotional pain can be felt much longer.


4 Today the mating signal is not enough to base your reasoning for sexual advances on, evaluate the situation carefully.


5 Understand that with Magic action not merely gesture is required.


6 Satanism is not a cliché so don’t live one.


7- Don’t be overly arrogant, this is simply counterproductive and can lose you more respect than you can gain


8 Don’t make claims that you can’t back up even if they make sense to you, you’re leaving yourself open to unnecessary ridicule.


9 A sense of humour is vital, we are social creatures, who would want to socialise with a boring humourless oaf?


10 Be careful of what you decide to indulge in if it can ultimately affect your vital existence.


11 Always stand your ground in all situations in life, mental or physical battles will be won one way or another

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