Within the 4th Dimension

I summon thee O great One, wealth of all knowledge. Upon the altar, I place my left hand and click the infernal cursor on the sacred icon so that you may allow me to travel through the gate and enter the 4th dimension. I don the hexadecimal horns to seek the darker Boolean reaches.


A person has time travelled from the 1950's and meets another from this age. The traveller greets the person and asks what is the best technological advancement that this age has to offer. The reply is “Within my hand, I hold a device that holds the key to the collection of the best libraries in the world and I can have a conversation with anyone I like in the world”. “And what do you do with this wonder” asks the traveller wide eyed. “Oh I share pictures of cats in funny poses and I fight with people I don't know over a subject I know nothing about” is the answer. Funny but it does ring true.


The digital world is a very important tool in the rational Satanists pocket as it provides access to unlimited information on any subject he/she so desires. The problem that can arise can be is the information based on fact or someone’s half educated opinion. The rationalist will research at least more than site as well as checking validity before learning. Save the best pages as favourites so that you can go back to them quickly so you have your own personal grimoire if you will.


Humans are naturally social and are drawn to sites where they can communicate ideas and opinions and learn from others. It is great to get drawn into a debate on a subject you hold dear as it offers other perspectives or alternatively something you wish to know more about. A personal attack should be treated with no mercy but have your facts straight and back them up. There are times when the attacker has no valid points and will want to go around in circles. You are wasting time and energy on these individuals and its best to leave them stew in their ignorance. The use of the 3rd angle is beneficial here.


The digital world also gives a source of escapism where you can decompress your 10% and let your mind relax and recharge. Be it role playing, gaming, watching music videos, films, the list goes on, just as long as you remember to compress your 10% before re-joining reality. Problems can arise as confusion between reality and fantasy (my theory on masks) or addiction may develop.

The global village has developed quickly making the world seem a very small place. Popular culture has been accepted by other indigenous cultures slowly overtaking and is a danger wiping them out creating a form of non-thinking conformity en-masse. I would refer this to an individual’s personal system. It is beneficial to take from others and adapt it to your own as an addition but if your foundation is not strong enough then it will replace your system thus losing your individuality to a mass system.


Sean Twomey


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