What is a Rational Satanist?

What is a Rational Satanist? That is a question that there are no generic answers to. The systematic progression involved in the paradigm renders no two systems ever being identical; each Rational Satanist you ask that question to will always give different points of views pertaining to their system. This may seem confusing to someone new to the path, someone who is looking for solid answers to exactly what the system involves, or how it could ultimately benefit them. To help to answer this question I will cover some of the foundations that appear in the Rational Satanism paradigm that the Rational Satanist will be using to craft their system and excel the self to the best it can be.


The Rational Satanist is on a constant drive to betterment by using logic and rationality to champion the self while ascending to the internal godhead that’s contained within us all. Be it Satan or any other figure the archetype takes, it’s what resonates with you that’s important. We are adversaries against anything that stifles progression through conformity, which is sadly also evident in the Satanic community with many organisations claiming to be the one generic system. The foundations of the paradigm make the Rational Satanist flourish with adaptability so the individual will never lose the self to the system, there will never be a set way to design your path it will always be your way


To help craft the Rational Satanist, we have unique concepts designed for individual interpretation and complete flexibility. The 90% 10% Thinking concept is a unique system that the Rational Satanist uses to adapt the system with their personal outlook. That concept utilizes rational thoughts and logical reasoning in the higher portion of the denominating fraction that is our daily usage, the percentage we must use daily to gain the upper hand through heightened perception that comes from our system. The smaller denominating fraction is room left for metaphysical endeavours or things that we can’t simply explain, it won’t have any usage to the Rational Satanist, but dependent on the individuals personal outlook it may warrant further investigation, and that investigation may even filter through the faucets to the higher percentage acquiring some pragmatic usage. 90% 10% is simply the foundational base fraction for the Rational Satanist, individually dependent, the fraction can shift with the individuals thought process depending on how they craft their system and the amount of metaphysical endeavours they indulge in, it may be 70% 30% or 60% 40%, it’s a moveable fraction that belongs solely with the individual.


You saw me mention investigation above, and in the rational satanic paradigm we have the S-theory concept that is the pragmatic system of creating theories and investigation from various sources, this concept is a fourth side perception pertaining to the system that allows the individual to craft a model dependent reality, removing any chances of cognitive dissonance and excelling the self. These concepts are all outlined in the Rational Satanism collection of publications.


The Rational Satanist has many more concepts in their paradigm that they utilize to help them grow uniquely ranging from a mnemonic system to aid the cognitive process, the s-type personality traits that you will discover and the 8 Satanic cognitive realms of internal hierarchy that provides a pragmatic growth system that moves with the individual, all designed to make the Rational Satanist a unique individual.


You may have noticed my usage of a word more than a few times in this piece, that word being unique, that’s what the Rational Satanist is, unique. It would be irrational to be a Rational Satanist then conform to a system, that’s why the Rational Satanist doesn’t conform to a system; the system conforms to the individual.


If we now go back to the original question, what is a Rational Satanist, the answer is a unique individual, they have crafted a unique system from the Rational Satanic paradigm that is not like any other, the paradigm simply provides the foundation; the Rational Satanist has to build it themselves.


Do you want to be a unique individual?

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