Second hand Satanic swap shop

Satanic literature seems really easy to find these days with multiple websites, online essays and an abundance of books. All by different author’s with weird and wacky names as well as titles that seem to be a pissing contest as to who is the most satanic or magically qualified to tell you something. Most of the dark and mysterious fake names are supposed to hide the authors identity, because if people were to find out who they really were they would have to go into hiding, despite the fact there is a picture of them on their website, the back of their book or social media platform!


 You usually find their degree of magic, just like their name, was learnt from playing Warhammer, D&D or some other fantasy game. What you will normally find after some quick research however that Noel, aka the Grand High Wizard Deumus Dagwanoenyent, still live at home and the only person to know their real identity (although of course we all do really) is his mum when she brings him his food supplies so he doesn’t need to go into the real world.


All you get from these internet Satanists is other people’s opinions on subjects they have usually vaguely studied. That’s if their brain hasn’t slid out of their ears in the fantasy realms. Some things that are written can be very good, as many subjective autobiographies’ can be, and sometimes ideas will resonate with you, the reader. However that doesn’t mean you should take what they say as fact. What it does mean though is that you should research and study the things that you have connected with allowing you to formulate your own opinions. Only by experiencing something are you truly able to give your opinion on it.


You wouldn’t read a vague plot line and a subjective review on a movie and then claim to have watched the whole thing, so why are people so happy to do with their studies? I think the main reason is time, many people want to know as much information as fast as possible and they don’t allow time for ideas to grow and concepts to sink in. When we allow for this to happen we go from exchanging second hand information to voicing our own unique stand point on a subject and allow other people to paradigm shift with us.


If you do go down the second hand swap shop route you may get on fine for a while. What you are essentially doing though is just making stupidity the default setting in your system and that there no back up options with that! With this stupidity setting you will only have one layer of information to work from, which is subjective to someone else, so you will soon be shown up. Your pride might take a few knocks along the way as well making it look like an old banger on bricks.


I’m sure we all fall foul of this sometimes though, going into something with someone else’s subjective view because our information has been based on second hand information in the first place. When in fact we need to learn to admit that we don’t know much on a subject and allow others to help point us in the direction of where we can research to find the relevant answers ourselves.


But hang on, what have I just given you here? Just some regurgitated chapter from one of the Rational Satanism collection maybe? Am I just saying the same old thing again in a new way to illustrate a point? I guess you’ll just have to do your own research to find out won’t you! 


Ben Dean - Core management team

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