90% 10% Thinking

(The 90% 10% Thinking concept is a fluctuating fraction pertaining to your personal system, this is fully explained in the book Futureproof adaptability, This essay is simply a brief overview )


This is something I did not mention in my first book. The 90% - 10% is the way I refer to the Rational Satanic paradigm. Rational, critical and logical thinking sit firmly and make up almost the whole of the 90%. It is in this portion that lesser magic also falls. Almost all my previous book fell into this 90% category, as this is the Rational Satanic way of living and perceiving, and the portion most people can relate to. The contents of that book were my own perceptions, my own opinions. Some of the topics covered and statements were those that don’t have any provable or disprovable fact, so my suggestions and opinions are produced to allow the reader to make up their own mind. This is a reason why books regarding Satanism are quite hard to write. They can’t be educational or appear to be a ‘how to’ guide, as they will be our opinions, and simply as Satanism is a path of individuality, any step by step guides can’t hold any validation in our regime. Although our opinions will arise from our pragmatic 90% there is no systematic truth or reality that can be written about; they are our own opinions and they will differ for everyone, always.  Most deluded people would disagree, that’s why they would be the opposite 10% - 90%, the 10% being their sad attempts of seeing reality, and 90% delusion.


I never claim to have the answers for everything, and one thing you can never deny is experience. This remaining 10% is the allocated room for irrational events that you can’t explain. Greater magic also falls into this percentage as it’s only attainable from decompressing your intelligence and perception of reality, where s in the 90% your perceptions will always be those of clarity. During usage of the 10% in greater magic you use your own space during ritual to act out irrational actions for your desire; this is done knowingly and consciously and the 10% will not be taken outside of your chamber, where as the less attuned walk around in a 90% state of permanent intellectual decompression.


You may experience some strange success with greater ritual magic, yet still not know why as it goes against what you believe, so this thought remains in the 10% as a personal subjective experience that’s your own, and needs no discussion on the matter.  An experience does not make you a believer; it simply lies in the 10% as a possibility, where you can only give it thought while intellectually decompressed. So in effect, a subjective experience can aid you in the process of greater magic. This is also be achieved with the element of doubt the Satanist holds towards metaphysical concepts; we don’t deny the metaphysical, but hold onto an element of doubt where proof cannot be obtained.


This element of doubt sits comfortably within the 90% of our critical thinking perception; this is not to be confused with the self-doubt aspect, as this is definitely not the case. As previously stated it’s doubt towards metaphysical concepts if a subjective irrational experience has occurred. Then maybe you have to step back and redo the maths. But then pragmatism also reigns in the 90% so this is where the 10% picks up your experience as your common sense and critical side will go “hang on a sec, you can’t be taking this seriously” and then goes to the locked door of the 10%, opens it, shoves the experience inside, and locks the door again. You will be aware of the experience, and that it can only hold validity while your intelligence is decompressed; you have obtained the key to open the door, and use these experiences. Another important point regarding the 90% is not to overthink or overanalyse your experience. You can find something in anything if you think too hard, so if an irrational event occurs and it’s getting constant thought from you, then your mind will find something as you would be leaking the 10% in o your critical side. This is what I feel has happened with the theists among us; they have overanalysed and now live in error and delusion. This quote is something similar to what physicist Steven Weinberg once said, and shows in a few words what the trap of overanalysing in the 90% can do.


“If you look too hard for something, you can give it any meaning you want, if you see Satan as energy, then you will find Satan in a lump of coal”


            I personally have had some unexplainable experiences. I know how I personally feel about psychic abilities, but I had a reading from a psychic who told me things that there was no way they could have known. With myself being a Satanist and the techniques I have to expose psychics as fraudsters, I was unable to do so from this experience, and as it’s my experience I can’t deny it so it stays in the 10%. As with my Satanic pragmatism that reigns in the 90% it has no practical applicability, or correspondence with the facts I live by, so only while I’m intellectually decompressed, and my perspectives of reality are lessened would this subjective experience ever play a part, and only then to serve my own purpose. There may well be a completely rational answer for these unexplainable experiences that we have, but at the time they happen we just can’t see it. Life is full of mysteries, but all mysteries have the answers and solutions somewhere.


The fact is unexplainable experiences cannot be denied but remember spirituality does not remotely come into play. It’s so easy for some Satanists to fall into the trap of taking subjective strange experiences in to the 90%, leading down the road to error and delusion. Books and people will use a manner of tricks to make the theistic, spiritual or traditional Satanic paths seem more valid due to your subjective experience, and use amazement as a temptation from objective to subjective, and the constant claim that Satan the father exists. This has been clearly seen in the Satanic literature written by these parasites since LaVey’s time that has stained the bookshelves. A piece from The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, with the word god changed to Satan makes an amusing summary of these titles.


            “Why is Satan considered an explanation for anything? It’s not - it’s a failure to explain, a shrug of the shoulders, an I dunno’ dressed up in spirituality and ritual. If someone credited something to Satan, generally what it means is they haven’t a clue, so they’re attributing it to an unreachable, unknowable Hell-Fairy. Ask for an explanation of where did he come from, the odds are you’ll get a vague, pseudo-philosophical reply about having always existed or being outside nature. Which of course, explains nothing”


I think you get the idea.


            The way to avoid this is to remember who you are. Yes, you have had a subjective unexplainable experience but don’t be a slave to it, in fact with the 90% - 10% you could take the experience and call it an indulgence, while partaking in activities within the 10%. The 10% is not something that can really be written about, as to write it means you would have to hold the knowledge of every experience out there, which is absolutely ridiculous and impossible. Each person will have their own perceptions of the 10% from their experiences and their own reactions to them. This piece is just how I see it. Also, it is not at all hypocritical that we don’t speak of these experiences, being as they only hold usability while decompressed in the 10%. They have no place in the pragmatic 90% which is also our critical thinking and the main percentage that the Rational Satanist always lives by, so in effect within this 90% everyday portion these experiences don’t exist. And one little quote we should remember as we end this piece is “Critical thinking is the key to success“.

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