The Misconception of Satan


This is a subject that is very often come across. “Do you worship Satan” is a question I’m asked a whole lot, so firstly let’s clear this matter up. Rational Satanists do not believe in Satan as a real deity or the big red kick-ass guy with horns. And if he was real he could go kiss my ass as I would never bow down to him.


Satan to the Rational Satanist is simply an idol, name and symbolical figure. Yes, we can feel his presence, but only as an extension of our ‘self’ getting a personal sense of ego gratification by feeling our own potential. When we look at pictures and figures of Satan in whatever form, we are looking in the mirror and getting a reflection of what we are, which is symbolically what Satan stands for; the carnal side of man. His strengths are our strengths.


Having this potential within us gives us the heightened awareness to see things from the third side, the Satanic side, which most humans cannot, as they are not as ‘attuned’, so in fact the extension is part of our mind, our psyche. It gives us the drive to take control of the ‘self’; to not be part of a stifling herd, and to control our own fate.


During ritual we are not deluding ourselves into believing we are speaking and communing with a demon, god or deity. We are communing with our self, activating our own potential. The props and words of our rituals are all part of the psychodrama to stimulate our minds and emotions to use our own potential to gain a desire; not some almighty omnipotent super power of a fictional deity.


You see, the Satanist is Satan; we take his name as part of ourselves. We are the adversary of all that oppose and try to use spiritual or religious means to suppress our basic instincts, and all that he stands for is contained within us.


So now that you know this sit back and proudly say without any delusional thoughts “I am Satan”.

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