Same old same old

The internet and explosion of online communities is a great thing, it’s a way to share knowledge and opinions that can excel your system, but it’s also starting to show its downfalls. The lack of new ideas and concepts is leading to a blanket of boredom while browsing various sites, you find yourself reading the same things simply in different words, people explaining about the old ways of mysticism not looking towards the future with the integration of new things, to put it simply it’s all becoming a bit hackneyed for the more established Satanists out there.


While we are looking towards the future, we still have to be aware of past orthodoxies, what people may claim is new quite simply isn’t which becomes evident with just a little research. It’s good to embrace the past orthodoxy and use that as a foundation to base something on or create new concepts around still retaining the core values but not re-inventing the wheel. Obviously for new people walking the Satanic path things need to be explained, they are on the start of their journey so basics have to be covered, you will see this in our earlier literature where we touch on the basics of the system, but not a simple re-wording it’s written for a neoteric system.


The philosophy of the Church of Rational Satanism will never fall in to this category; our concepts are unique and won’t be found elsewhere. From the 90% 10% thinking concept right through to S-theory, the cognitive formulation of information and systematic progress these bring allow information we provide to be refreshing, taken from a perspective that’s new and current, breathing life in to personal progression for neoteric standards.


The Satanists drive is to move forward and embrace change, like I explained in Futureproof Adaptability, unlike other philosophy’s this will never stagnate due to its constant unique evolution.  And what you find here will be unique points of view due to there being no generic system involved, it has high entropic values and each individuals denominating fraction relating to their system will be different so opinions and comments will be beyond the usual “same old” essays you read.


We are unique and we are proud to say that, many who don’t take time to learn our concepts won’t see that our systematic progress is a Satanic first, and these are the individuals that can't excel the system beyond stagnation, they can’t embrace new ideas. If you’re reading this you’re already heading in the direction of progression, looking for that something new away from old ideas and systems, this isn’t the “Same old” its “uniquely new”.


Do you want to embrace change? Do you want to create a system that puts the individual first? Then become the Rational Satanist you know you are and use the concepts found in our philosophy to open the doors with a limitless form of self-exploration.

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