What's the difference between CoRS and CoS? We are two different organisations with different philosophies based off similar platforms.


Whats the difference between CoRS and TsT? - Again we are two different organisations, but  with very dissimilar systems


Why is it called a church? The dictionary defines a church as any non-Christian religious society, organization, or congregation.


Can I sell my soul to Satan for fame, money, respect and sex? These are not the Satanists you are looking for please move along to another organisation. Satanism is not a quick fix solution to your problems


Do you perform solitary or group rituals? Rituals are subjective to the individual and so some members see them as beneficial while others do not, if members wish to perform group ritual then that is choice of the individuals themselves taking part. We would also advise that no animals or humans were harmed during any ritual practise and that all adults were consenting.


Is it a religion or a philosophy? This is subjective to the individual and how they wish to term their own system however we would generally ask why can it not be both. This topic is covered in depth in Futureproof Adaptability


Is CoRS an atheist or theist organisation? We feel that this is down to the individual as long as they can make this fit into a rational approach however the majority of our members would consider themselves either atheist or I-theist.


Do you have a hierarchy in the organisation? No we don't have a hierarchical structure as self exploration has no need to climb a ladder or posture a position. What we offer is a personal hierarchy system that belongs only to the individual to help craft the system and climb at a rate they are comfy with, we call this the 8 Satanic cognitive realms.


Do you believe in an actual Satan or Devil?  The majority of our members do not believe in a literal Satan but use it as a symbolic figure for self empowerment. We would also like to point out that Satan, The Devil and Lucifer are completely different characters.


What are the core philosophies of CoRS? The main concepts of our philosophy are 90% 10% thinking, S Type personality, Satanic Mnemonics system, S-Theory and S.A.T.A.N


Is there an order to the books? Yes there is an order which is as follows. Rational Satanism, 90% 10% Thinking (Special Entombed Edition – both books with extra chapters) Futureproof Adaptability, S-Theory (Special Unearthed Edition – both books with extra chapters) S.A.T.A.N


Does it matter what order I read the books in? The concepts used in Rational Satanism are built up from the first book to the more recent one, so reading them in order will give you a much better understanding of how to design the best system to work for you. It is recommended that you read them in order but you don’t have too, it’s a bit like watching the last episode in a TV series you may get the main points but you will miss all the subtle details.


What are the benefits of becoming a member? Members have access to secret facebook groups with chat functions, discounts @ CoRS Merch, access to the Philosophers Accreditation course, access to members only meets and the chance to interact with like minded rational satanists.


What does the philosopher accreditation course involve and what are the benefits for people doing it? This is a free course designed to give the individual a greater understanding of the CoRS philosophy and how they apply it in their everyday lives. There are 5 parts to the course a foundation task and then a set of tasks for each of the books, which can be done in any order. The tasks are essay based but can be done as audio or visual projects if the individual is uncomfortable with the writing process. On completion of the course members are given a certificate and Philosopher title plus the chance to run their own area group. (The title of philosopher is only to show a greater understanding our philosophy and is not a ranked position with any ‘power’).


How often do you have meets and can non members attend? Meets are usually arranged by area reps and for members only however we have been known to invite potential members along (invitation only)


Do you have different 'chapters' or area groups? if so are there any in the US or other countries or are they all based in the UK? Yes, we do have area groups, please check the reps section to see if there is one in your area.


There are no members in my area how do I go about starting my own 'chapter' or area group? To become a rep for your area will first need to become a member and then complete the Philosopher Accreditation course.


Does CoRS have ties or links with any other organisations? We have many ‘friends’ in other satanic organisations that share similar views with but we are not allied with any of them as a group, this would be left to individual preference


Can I become a member if I'm already a member of another satanic organisation? We do not discriminate members from other organisations as long as those joining are up front about it and are not simply card collectors (in multiple groups just to obtain the membership card)


Does everyone at CoRS believe the same thing? No Rational Satanism is an individualistic path. The system is designed for the individual to use what works for them, as long as it follows the logical and rational framework set out in our core principles.


I’m also interested in the occult is there a place for that in CoRS? There are several members who incorporate occult practices into their systems either in their 90% or 10% fractions, after all its your system thats important

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