8 Satanic Cognitive Realms

You may have heard us mention that at the Church of Rational Satanism we have no external hierarchy as we strongly believe that self-improvement is much more than climbing up the ladder in an organisation or wanting to parade a strange unnecessary title. What we have is an internal hierarchy concept that the individual owns, and they climb it at a rate they are comfy with as the structure allows for the natural progression of the individuals system.  This following essay covers the realms and how they apply to the paradigm, but a further explanation of its usages can be found in the books Futureproof Adaptability and S-theory


Buddhism has quite a few ideas that can be easily adapted pragmatically by the Rational Satanist. What I have adapted is quite a strange one, The Samsara realms. Samsara means “continuous movement” and as the continual repetitive cycle of birth and death that arises from ordinary beings' grasping and fixating on the self and experiences. I see these realms as a pragmatic personal growth with the top being the godhead. Obviously the spiritual portion is stripped out but I see the concept as being internal realms of cognitive function and interchangeable through personal experiences. This system can be adapted by the Rational among us as well as the more spiritual attuned as it’s the movement in certain levels that gives the individual the direction that they are going to go in. This could be called a table or system of personal hierarchy, although in Buddhism there are only 6 realms for the Satanist I use 8, these are the levels or personal growth each with attributes and views that can be gained and taken through each portion of your own existence. This further strengthens the overall adaptability of the Rational Satanism paradigm as well as adding another usable system to the 90% 10% thinking aspect. Below is the list of the internal cognitive realms that you can shift between on your path to the godhead; hopefully they will resonate and become applicable to you.


Realm 1 –Revelation

Realm 2 – Knowledge

Realm 3 – Comprehension

Realm 4 – Analysis (90% 10% Thinking)

Realm 5 – Synthesis       

Realm 6 – Application

Realm 7 – Demi Godhead

Realm 8 – Godhead


                Each of these cognitive realms are based on your overall thought processes, direction to the godhead and psychological states of mind. Each realm can be switched between and the orders rotated to become a manageable cognitive hierarchal system that attains the godhead that is yours, not one you think you should attain. I will now go through each internal realm and tell of its usage and application on your personal path to the godhead.


Realm 1 – Revelation – The initial revelation of turning to Satanism is a realm of its own. It’s the discovery of a system that is built for the supernormal individual to become the best they can be. This sudden insight has given you direction of a path of personal growth and from this stage the next step on the cognitive ladder is a simple step to make.


Realm 2 – Knowledge – Knowledge and the quest for it is a large portion of the Satanic community and mind-set. The knowledge we absorb is what carves our path and our direction of thoughts. The collaboration of various resources resonates with our own thoughts and experiences and begins to reflect on the self and is stored in our mental filing cabinets. This realm is one that the ladder between this and the next will be used most while deciding on the personal direction that you must go in.


Realm 3 – Comprehension – All that knowledge you have required while searching the second realm requires sense to be made from it. There is no point having a load of knowledge in your mind that makes no sense to you and further more can’t be pragmatically applied. The meaning of your knowledge needs to be grasped, and in fact if your learned knowledge isn’t resonating with you and the meanings behind it isn’t showing you any direction of your path, then you need to go back to the second realm and find what it is you’re searching for. Only then when you climb to the realm of comprehension understanding will be so much easier, you see knowledge leading to direction is the easiest to comprehend if it’s really what is right for you.


Realm 4 - Analysis – When you reach this personal realm 90% 10% thinking will truly come in to play. It’s while roaming this realm that you will attain your personal fraction to your thinking process. You have the understanding and information, tied in with your own objective and subjective experiences so you will be analysing all the data you have required from the second and third realm. You will be able to craft your own personal path and axiom of success, be it a logical or spiritual approach, it’s while analysing and realising what you are and what works for you that will create your own personal thinking fraction and take you closer to the godhead.


Realm - 5 Synthesis – Now you have acquired the knowledge, comprehended  it and analysed the information you can now easily create a combination of personal components to make your personal system whole. You have reached the final portion of dialectical reasoning, and your path will now further itself on personal experience rather that knowledge. Now your personal reasoning to certain portions of the whole system you have created will take you quickly in to the next realm as any re-evaluation would be done here.


Realm 6 – Application – When you reach this realm it’s a level of experimentation and discovery. You have your ideas and personal understandings that you have resonated with in the other realms, but now you are venturing in to the realms of practical applicability. You have to be able to apply what you have learned to excel in life to the extent that you’re crafting situations to suit you within reason. Be your personal fraction subjective or objective we have to live in practical reality so your ideology must be able to adapt and succeed. Once you have begun application you move to the next realm


Realm 7 – Demi Godhead – Once you have begun to apply your system to your objective or subjective reality you can ascend to the realm of demi godhead. You are still taking on the self-personification in this realm but have not ascended to the full godhead. While walking this realm you are still applying what you have learned but are yet to fully know whether what you have created is going to get you personal success on every level. You are still watching your application process of your personal system and noting any success that they bring. Through your usages of the other realms you truly understand the self, but while on the demi godhead level if an experience or anything happens that causes doubt in your selected path then the other realms are still there for you to walk around as you see fit.


Realm 8 – Godhead – When you reach this realm you truly know the self and exactly what the self wants. You solidly have your personal fraction relating to your thought process and have attained the pragmatic maxim of applicability. This realm is yours and yours to own, it contains a large golden throne that the internal beast will sit in comfortably watching you reap the rewards that your system is bringing you. As Satanists we will always be on the quest for knowledge, but when the godhead is achieved and understood all the other realms become redundant as all will take place in this realm. We understand ourselves to the extent that we have techniques in place that allows us to add to our personal system easily without having to wonder whether the “self” is right, we are our own God.


                These Cognitive realms of Satanic thought are an advantageous outlook to the thought processes of any Satanist. Satanism has no room for external hierarchy but an internal one would ensure that we are crafting the right path to what we want to achieve. We would be ascending the ladder of a crafted enlightened selfie not mimicking anyone else’s crafted system. Satanism is individuality, and the realms are individual to you, so walk them all, no matter how long it takes the Godhead will be reached when all the personal blocks fall in to place.

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