CoRS merchandising is the official store of the Church of Rational Satanism where you can find a whole range of products containing our unique sigil. We consider our range to be more than simply another brand of Satanic clothing, the majority of our designs all relate to a portion of the philosophy, so the design you wear will be relating to your personal system. Be it your liking to Norse mythology and you incorporating a Norse archetype in to your system, or wanting the adaptability of the system to be shown through imagery, even our original sigil has a story behind it and is a real symbol of self-empowerment.


Inside our store you will find products ranging from Clothing, books, key rings, jewelry and much more.


You can see a few samples bellow or click the store link button on this page and see all our products available. 

CoRS Lokabrenna t-shirt


The star Sirius is the brightest star in the sky, a part of the constellation we know as Canis Major. To our heathen ancestors this star was known as Loki’s Brand, or Loki’s Torch (Lokabrenna), a reference to Loki’s role at Ragnarok, when Midgard will be consumed in a fiery conflagration. It is interesting that this particular star was associated with Loki, and Ragnarok. This version of the Lokabrenna containing the CoRS sigil can be found in the special editions of our publications


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Rams head Sigil t-shirt


This high quality grey screen printed t-shirt proudly displays the CoRS sigil with a detailed rams head purched on top 


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Fire sigil t-Shirt


A high quality screen printed T-shirt with the CoRS Sigil and a vibrant fire glow in the background



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Atom, rune and CoRS Sigil T-shirt


This sigil is featured on the cover of the very limited edition Tetralogy publication and shows a mixture of systems adding the runes to the CoRS sigil and the Atoms around it to signify scientific method



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Pac-CoRS T-shirt


The all time classic game Pac-Man with a twist, here you have the CoRS Sigil as Pac-Man munching along devouring the symbols of religion with reason and logic



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