Who's in the mirror?

When you look in to the mirror what do you see looking back? Your reflection is the personification of your system, it’s the inner you that you should truly understand as you take your journey into rational Satanism. It’s the inner beast that’s staring back, all the attributes you have aligned yourself with to attain the godhead and adapt them to create the life you choose to live. Looking back is your strengths, your weaknesses, your personal axiom, your God. Allowing this psychological trait allows self-worship to progress as the reflection effect is your very essence magnified. It’s you taking charge and realizing sometimes the only thing stopping you progress where you want go in life is you, so the reflection is what you must absorb and use to a pragmatic advantage and take away from the mirror. To leave the reflection where it is shows a lack of confidence and understanding in exactly where you wish your life to go and the inability to internalize the godhead. Take the personification and make it’s strength your strengths.


            It’s a common misconception in Satanism that to be a Satanist the godhead has to be the attributes linked to Satan. This is not the case, Rational Satanism is the foundation, this is the core system that allows you to take on a personification in daily life, the attributes linked to the name Satan may not work for you, but this doesn’t mean you’re not a Satanist. There are many man made gods out there all with different attributes. Rational Satanism has moved far away from the days of blasphemy and being a system to simply be an opposition to mainstream religion, it’s here for the individual to be the best they can be, to attain focus and direction from logical rational thought processes.


            Let’s use Norse mythology for an example. You may find the attributes of Loki represent your personality better than Satan. You may see yourself as a mischievous person, a trickster who can lead the best of people through situations to ultimately get what it is you desire. You may like the attributes of Odin, a leader with great foresight, who takes time to carefully weave plots and long term agendas. Those attributes can easily be taken within the godhead and used pragmatically in modern civilisation. The females among us may find the Godhead personification in Freya, a strong wild woman who clearly utilizes the attributes of sentiment, sex and wonder. Truth is the possibilities are endless.


            The personification is there for the Satanist to use how they please, no matter whom or what the inner Godhead is, you’re still utilizing all aspects of Rational Satanism as you do it. The personification and attributes are yours and yours only; they require no explanation to others on how and why you feel that the personal attributes you have chosen represent your inner self. You a Rational Satanist and your Godhead is your business, you could even choose to take the attributes of the Joker or V from V for Vendetta if you feel these are more like you, after all these too are man’s creations just like the paper gods of mythology. The name or scenario where the god head comes from is ultimately locked within the 10% only attributes and pragmatic persona of these will live in the 90% as a way to advance the self.


            You see when you look closely at the Godhead the attributes and strengths you have taken as an inner representation, you will realize that in fact you have simply given a name to what’s already there. The reflection is you, you are your god, your strengths are your strengths the name you have given your personification is simply a psychological advantage to give you drive and focus to walk away from the mirror and take charge of your actions, goals and personal advancement.


            Always remember the Godhead is yours to own, no matter where the name has come from, or what the attributes are if it works, you have found who you are, and when you look in the mirror you will not have the need to think who’s looking back, you will know that the God that lives inside your psyche is more than worthy of your worship as the personification leads you down the path of personal success.

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