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Well, I’m presuming if you have come to this portion of the website that you are expecting a long list of recommended reading suggested by the Church of Rational Satanism for you to go away and research through, well I’m afraid you may be disappointed. What authority does anyone have to suggest reading material on a path that advocates individuality? You may get lists on the websites of other organisations that are basically stating “these are the books we recommend as anything else isn’t relevant” or “to be a Satanist, you must read these books” those comments are in complete error and if you understand the philosophy of the Church of Rational Satanism you will know why.


If you are on this website reading this then the Rational Satanic system has already peaked your interest, obviously our philosophical concepts are outlined in the Rational Satanism collection, but it doesn’t stop there. The rational Satanism collection of books are the foundations for the individual to build their own unique paradigm, you take the concepts and make them your own as you build your system. The S-Theory concept thrives on information and resources that you are studying to be able to create theories to place over your individual model reality, if we was to provide a reading list, then the model your S-Theory MDR is taking would be being crafted from a bias list of publications and has the potential to hinder your systematic development, which certainly isn’t a pragmatic view to take.


As you walk down the Rational Satanic paradigm utilizing our unique concepts you will find your research is going to places you probably never thought it would as most other organisations wouldn’t acknowledge them, but through your personal philosophical outlook you are crafting a true individual system from reading and researching what you want to knowing that your system will always be that of a Rational Satanist.


So what are we telling you here instead of producing a generic reading list? Read whatever you want, research anything you want and make your own mind up whether what you have studied has resonated to the extent that you can filter it through the concepts in your Rational Satanic paradigm, and make it a viable part of your system.


Hail Thyself

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