It’s Simple to get involved and become a fully affiliated active member of the Church Of Rational Satanism. We have four packs available that all come with a different amount of books from the Rational Satanism collection.


 Affiliation gives you the chance to become an area rep worldwide for the Church Of Rational Satanism, access to the secret affiliation Facebook group and chat, involvement in projects, contributions to the website, the chance to take part in the philosophers accreditation course, invitations to meets taking place worldwide and much more


 Affiliation is not conformity, the core foundations of our philosophy doesn’t allow for it, this simply supporting the philosophy and a chance to get more involved.


Click the button for your desired pack below which will then direct you to our store where you can make payment, 


All major credit cards accepted

DELUXE AFFILIATION PACK - £100.00gbp  ( Consisting of  membership card and the two special edition books, the Entombed and Unearthed edition that covers the first four books in two dual core volumes with extra chapters, a copy of Rational Satanism S.A.T.A.N and two CoRS Badges)

AFFILIATION PACK ONE - £70.00gbp ( Consisting of membership card and all five standard books in the Rational Satanism collection and a CoRS badge)

AFFILIATION PACK TWO - £35.00gbp ( Consisting of membership card and any two books from the Rational Satanism collection)

AFFILIATION PACK THREE - £25.00gbp ( Consisting of membership card and either any one book from the Rational Satanism collection or black CoRS T-Shirt)

AFFILIATION PACK FOUR - For those of you who would like more involvement in our organisation, want to become an affiliated member, Show your support and maybe run your own representative area then this affiliation pack may be for you. This affordable £7.50 GBP affiliation is for those who want to buy the books at a later date but still get involved in the projects and courses inside the organisation. You must download the form and answer as many of the following questions as you can, which some of the answers can be found with research from our resources and website. Please return your answers to the Email address provided on the form

Card only Application form (Docx Format)
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